Is It Safe to Travel Again?

Is It Safe to Travel Again?

We are now in June 2020, the beginning of summer. But we are now at an extraordinary time. Amidst the spread of COVID-19, many countries have started opening up. Each place has to balance health and economic activities. Are you thinking to travel abroad now that we are slowly opening up? So far, which major tourist spots have the plan to open? Below is the non-exhaustive list:

Japan to allow travellers from selected countries to visit them

If you are from Australia, well you are in luck. You can consider a holiday trip to Japan because Japan is planning to allow travellers from Australia, Thailand, Vietnam and New Zealand into the country in the coming months.

Visit Greece from 15 June

You can start planning to visit Greece if your country is not badly by COVCID-19. But I wonder, how many countries are not seriously affected?

Deals and Discounts are coming your way

Countries around the world are preparing for the re-opening of their tourist industries. Watch out for special promotion such as free air tickets, free accomodations and many more. Fancy a visit to Cancun?

More flights from June

Singapore Airlines and SilkAir are reinstating more flights for some destinations from June. Countries they will fly to include  Adelaide, Amsterdam, Auckland, Barcelona, Brisbane, Cebu, Christchurch, Copenhagen, Hong Kong, Medan, Melbourne and Osaka.

Check your Travel Insurance

Before you start booking your next destination, you should check with your travel insurance agent. There are many exclusion on what you can and cannot claims during the COVID-19 outbreak.

But most of all, stay safe

While it seems like we are coming out of total lockdown, we should exercise restraint and should refrain from travelling as much as possible. While countries may open to you for visiting, you should also check whether there is any travel advisory from your own countries. You do not want to go out and have fun to find out you are on quarantine when you return home.

One good place to check on travel advisory around the world is IATA.