Roof and Attic Only
Roof and attic only

Roof and Attic Only

Have you ever live in the attic of a house? This is one interesting house we stayed during our visit to Iceland. The design of the house is so special that you could only see the roof of the building. At first, we wonder how we can stay with 8 of us.

We were surprised that the ‘roof’ actually comes complete with a living area, a kitchen and bedrooms at the attic.

Inside of the roof

You can see from the photo above that there is a ladder that leads you up to the attic. This is one of our many special stays in Iceland.

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  1. J Ong

    Wow… I hope I can go to Iceland someday! Can you share your itinerary?

    1. Admin

      Sure! I will email my itinerary to you. Enjoy!

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