Milford on Sea, Keyhaven and Hurst Castle
The Hurst Castle

Milford on Sea, Keyhaven and Hurst Castle

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These are another must go to places when you are in Lymington. They are close to each other and should be able to complete within one day.

The highlight is the Hurst Castle which was a fortress built by King Henry VIII. You can see the location of Hurst Castle here.

Getting there

From Lymington Town, you can take the X1 bus. For the bus schedule, you can check it out here. You should alight at Milford On Sea Bus Shelter.

Milford On Sea

Milford on Sea is a large but peaceful village on the south coast of England in Hampshire. Walk along the main street and you should be able to find Keyhaven.

Milford On Sea
One of the many beautiful houses.


Keyhaven used to be a fishing village. But now is more for tourism and sailing. You will see many sails along the coastline.

Welcome to Keyhaven
Near the coast
Swans everywhere

Hurst Castle

To reach Hurst Castle, you can either take a ferry from Keyhaven or take a walk along the seawall. Check the ferry timetable here.

The hike along the seawall

The Hurst Castle is an artillery fortress built by Henry VIII. It was built to protect against invasion from France and the Roman Empire and defended the western entrance to the Solent waterway. It was also being used briefly to detain King Charles I before his execution in 1649.  You can find out more things to do in Hurst Castle here.

Entrance to Hurst Castle

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