Lymington Town, UK
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Lymington Town, UK

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Do you know where is Lymington? What can you do there? Well, I took a non-traditional route and visited this place last October. Lymington is a pretty town overlooking the south coast of the UK. It is part of the New Forest. Are you still confuse? It is near Southampton!


Here is a map showing the location of Lymington. It is just a 2-hour train ride from London. If you zoom out, you will see that it is on the southern coast of the UK and very near to London.

Getting there

I took a train from London Waterloo Station. you will stop by Brockenhurst to transfer to another train to Lymington Town. You can book the train ticket online via the Southwestern Railway.  Click here for Southwestern Railway

Where to stay

I stayed at a pub hotel called Bosun’s Chair. It is just a 1-minute walk from Lymington Town Rail Station. You can view a map link here.

Things To Do

The town itself is worth the visit. The buildings are neatly and nicely decorated. The people are friendly and warm.

Lymington is part of the New Forest district. from the name, you can tell that it is the countryside and not a metropolitan city. But you can also find theme park and even a vintage car museum. Remember Top Gear?

If you like hiking or cycling, this place is definitely a must go. There are many hiking routes in New Forest.

This place is also a good place to visit other places such as the Keyhevan, the Hurst Castle and the Isle of Wight. You can read my other post on these places.

Find out more

You can visit the New Forest Official Website to find out more. If you want my itinerary, you can contact me and I will be glad to send it to you.